Hraða og styrktaræfingar sem Jón Daði gerði

Skoðun pistlahöfundar endurspeglar ekki endilega skoðun

Mark Kislich skrifar á ensku:

Jón Daði Böðvarsson proved to be one of the most promising players from the start. I remember
when I (strength) coached him at Selfoss, right before he was sold abroad as a pro player for the very first time.
You could already describe him as very fast, explosive and talented. At his request, I designed this simple program for him to increase power and speed. (explanations below)

This is what he did in Selfoss and what he took with him abroad.

A: Full Olympic Back Squats, 3 explosive reps
B: 3 cone drill, 6 laps
-Repeat 5 times
C:Abs, 10 reps
D: Lower back, 10 reps
-Repeat 3 timesExplanation:

A: the heavy and explosive squats will improve strength and power, also they will switch on the
nervous system, so you’ll be faster in the speed/cutting drill to follow. Note: ALWAYS use the
Olympic version, meaning ass-to-the-grass!

B: the 3 cone drill is perfect for improving cutting ability, eccentric strength and short-term

C and D: Abs and lower back/hamstrings are very important for sprinting as well, these
exercises in the videos are extremely effective at strengthening them.

This workout can be done twice a week, for example Mondays and Fridays, or Tuesdays and
Saturdays. 3 days should lay between workouts.

That 3-day-window can be filled by a good upper body workout, for example on Wednesdays,
and should be Chin-ups and Overhead presses or Dips-centered.

Nr 1
Nr 2:
Nr 3:
Nr 4:
OK have fun with this Speed and Power workout, it worked for Jon and it’ll work for you!

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